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China's first wine town”Maotai,Is located in guizhou zunyi renhuai chishui river,Sichuan waterway traffic throat region, The ancient has“Chuan salt in guizhou,Qin, maotai”Portraiture,Maotai is China's wine sauce,In the domain of liquor industry flourish。1995Years8Month,Big toward burning fang qian formally established;1999Years6Month,The burn lanes and officially changed its name big qian qian and wineries,Invest heavily in maotai ping village, bend force makes the maotai-flavor liquor production base,The base covers an area of about300m, In base liquor production capacity4500Tons,Base liquor storage capacity15000Tons,All base liquor products completely according to the traditional maotai production process requirements,In strict accordance with the solar terms:Dragon boat wheat qu、 Chongyang sorghum feeding,Two feeding all the year round,With a batch of materials to the nine cooking、Add music、Stacking fermentation,One production cycle a year, In this period,High-temperature starter-making、High temperature accumulation、High temperature into the pool、High temperature after wine、Low saccharifying koji making、Low moisture into the pool、Low alcohol、Low alcohol concentration process... To check the details

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  • Merchants' awareness
  • Shape the brand merchants
  • Unified merchants foreign sound
  • Bring customers to the merchants
  • Propaganda merchants image
  • Reduce the merchant transmission cost
  • Improving customer awareness
  • Improve the arrival rate

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